Speaking Spanish is the Key to Mastering it
The ENCUENTROS program provides an interesting spectrum of language experiences for foreigners.  The teachers and staff of the ENCUENTROS team have worked together to design fun and effective lessons based on the “communicative” approach.  The exercises and other activities are designed so that the student learns to use the language correctly in functional contexts.

ENCUENTROS offers exciting opportunities to use the language in authentic situations.

• Programs for all levels begin every Monday throughout the year
• Four students maximum in grammar classes
• Schedule from 9 :00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday to Friday
• Teachers are native Mexicans
• "Communicative approach” emphasizes natural verbal communication

It is like learning to swim: you need to dive in!
While understanding the grammar and the structure of Spanish is important in figuring it out, we feel that ample time must also be invested in using the language to make it more meaningful.   At ENCUENTROS students use the language in significant communication, using all their senses. It is a total immersion experience that guarantees quick results.

Books and Materials:
Handouts and other homework material are included in the tuition. We utilize visual and auditory materials, and the texts “Aula Latina 1” (published by Difusión under the auspices of the Tec de Monterrey); “En Acción” (Larousse); “Estoy Listo” and “Pido la Palabra” (UNAM); and “Lotería” (Trillas).  We lend these texts to students from our library - you do NOT need to buy them. On sale in the office are workbooks which cost 7 USD. They are optional, for people who like to do written work for reinforcement. The answers are in the back for self-study. 

We recommend “Spanish Grammar for Independent Learners” by Avigail Azoulay which explains Spanish grammar in English.  We have several copies of this outstanding grammar book in the lending library, or you can purchase it directly from Avigail BEFORE you come to Cuernavaca. You will be given a discount at the “checkout” when purchasing the book because you have been recommended by ENCUENTROS. Click on this link: Spanish Grammar for Independent Learners by Avigail Azoulay

Meet the Language