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ENCUENTROS spanish Online

"ENCUENTROS Spanish Online". Distance doesn't matter! Log in from anywhere and practice Spanish with ENCUENTROS teachers. We've combined new technology and proven teaching methods to help you improve your language skills. We've made it fun and compelling with multimedia tools and resources.

The ENCUENTROS Spanish Online community offers you:

Engaging, collaborative LIVE online sessions with ENCUENTROS teachers

Group classes in the friendly company of motivated learners from all over the world. Work together in real time using shared applications. Learn, share and explore Spanish – four students maximum per teacher.

Private classes geared towards your personal and professional goals. Need Spanish for work? Let us know what you do and we’ll create a program that suits you.

Choice of grammar, conversation, and cultural sessions at all levels of Spanish. Class content and dynamics are based on the ENCUENTROS approach to language acquisition, which emphasizes speaking Spanish in meaningful contexts and plenty of information about Mexican culture.

ENCUENTROS teachers are native Mexicans who have been certified by the Secretary of Education. They have years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners. No English is spoken. At ENCUENTROS Spanish online we teach in a total immersion environment just like ENCUENTROS in Cuernavaca!

The LATEST in e-learning technology

Our virtual classroom features a whiteboard with collaborative tools, real-time voice and video components, file-sharing capabilities, and multi-media. The classroom software is web-based: no complicated programs or heavy files to install on your computer.

Our learning management system delivers instructional content 24 hours a day. You'll have access to resources and materials whenever you want from wherever you are!