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To offer foreigners a quality Spanish language program oriented to the specific needs of the student, with complementary activities that provide information about Mexico, respect for its culture, and affinity with its people.

History, Recognition, and Diplomas

ENCUENTROS was formed in 1996 and fulfills all requirements required by the Mexican legal and educational authorities relating to curriculum and governmental permission to operate as an institute of language learning in the state of Morelos. In July 1999 ENCUENTROS received a Reconocimiento de Validez de Oficial de Estudios (Clave 17PET0005F) from the Secretaría de Educación Pública del Estado de Morelos. This official registry certifies the quality of the ENCUENTROS curriculum, texts, staff, and physical plant. Upon request, the Secretaría de Educación Pública del Estado de Morelos will provide you with documentation verifying your studies:  a "Constancia" at the completion of four weeks or more, or a "Diploma" after eight weeks. 

University Credits

Occasionally students request university credit for studies at ENCUENTROS. Some schools in the US will award you credit based on the result of a proficiency exam administered upon your return or the final evaluation we give you upon request at the end of your studies. Other schools require a transcript from an accredited US college or university. If you want credits and need a transcript we will provide you with contact information.


In January 2003 ENCUENTROS joined AIPEC, the Asociación de Institutos Para la Enseñanza del Español en Cuernavaca. This association of Spanish schools for foreigners promotes Cuernavaca as a language learning center. ENCUENTROS is also a member of CANACO, the Cuernavaca Chamber of Commerce. Both are well-established organizations that oblige their members to be legally founded and registered with municipal, state and federal authorities.